SG7 jewellery by Seth Gardner

SG7 jewellery-the art of gold.

SG7 jewellery under the guidance of Goldsmith and Jewellery Designer Seth Gardner,offers a gold jewellery design and making service. The jewellery is individually designed and handmade. Seth, whose workshop is within the gallery, has over 15 years experience in jewellery design and making. He trained and worked in Italy for 5 years before returning to the UK to set up his studio. He is passionate about quality, craftsmanship and design. His jewellery is almost exclusively 18ct gold.

Commissions for bespoke handmade 18ct gold wedding rings, engagement rings and committment rings are his specialities. Before you visit you need to think about what sort of gold you want, Seth only works in 18ct gold because it is purer gold than 9 or 14ct and he does not rhodium plate his white gold. Then you need to decide on a budget. Handmade jewellery can fit most budgets, the more gold and the higher quality stones, the more expensive the jewellery but it can be made with less gold and less expensive stones. Once Seth knows how much you have to spend he will budget around that. Commissions usually take between 4 to 6 weeks to make so tell us your deadline.

All our 18ct gold handmade jewellery is fair priced and compares favourably with mass produced high street prices where you are usually buying inferior stones and gold

Design your own unique jewellery

This is a unique service never before offered in this country. We have developed a state of the art Jewellery Design Centre where using our award winning Computer Aided Design system (Countersketch) you are able to design your own jewellery under professional guidance. You’ll choose the precious metal, the band shape, the shape and size of the gems and the design. You will see the finished item on the screen before you make your final decision. We will have your design made up and with you within 6 weeks.This is a unique to us service.

For either of these services please phone for an apointment 01132819777 or email:

bespoke jewellery

handmade gold jewellery

handcrafted jewellery
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